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Krysta Ferrara: Reenergized

Krysta Ferrara captured it in a few short sentences; she validated a founding principle of the Long Island Stage when she said to me that being offered a slot on the show “reenergized,” and rejuvenated her faith in her music career. She, like so many others, has not performed anywhere on the island, for over a year.

Being consumed by the challenges of family, work, and not performing, Krysta had pushed her aspirations as a musician nearly out of sight and mind. It would have been a shame had those aspirations remained shelved.

Because Krysta, who graduated from Adelphi University with a degree in musical performance centered upon the classical repertoire, has a grand voice. One that she loves to flex through jazz, blues, show tunes, and modern pop. Search the internet and you even will find her singing Elizabethan English songs to lute accompaniment followed by a singular version of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy” supported by that same lutenist. She is not afraid to challenge listeners’ expectations that’s for sure


In 2019, she won a state-side Italian American singing competition “The Festival of Song USA” that carried her to Palermo, Italy for a performance. Krysta may be our only artist that has already had a European “premier.”

On the 22nd she will be accompanied by Rich Townsend a pianist and vocalist who also plays a mean harmonica. He and Krysta are long-time friends and musical co-conspirators.

I know the playlist. You will hear some bona fide classics which Krysta assures us “will have true twists.” Just don’t expect a lute.

We are happy to have Krysta and Rich join for our first show.

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