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LIS in Austin, TX - Waterflyy Interview

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

In order to give Long Island the music credit it deserves I visit some of the famous music cites to hear what make them so. I have walked Beal Street in Memphis, visited Sun and Stax Studios (and Graceland), Abbey Road in London, Nashville a few times (off the strip of course), Cleveland (R&R HOF) , Big Easy, New Orleans where watched a punk kid on a grand piano get taught a lesson by some old school jazz greats, but that's another story. This one is about Austin which I recently visited, my third trip. Each time the place changes a bit, yet always feels instantly comfortable. I go for the music and the people. Each time a new experience and great memories. I shot two video's on the trip. This one with Meg Sita aka: Waterflyy, an artist I respect for authenticity, and a new retro sound (that reminds me of my time as an 80's DJ). I hope you take a moment to dig into her work. Search WATERFLYY on any of the major streaming platforms Link: Stay Tuned...Brian

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