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Nick James: Song of a Man Who Has Come Through

Nick James speaks freely about his life in music being part of the pathway from a life lived in the haze of addiction that began in early adolescence. Coming from a home haunted by addictions, Nick states he “took on [that] life” too. He says, consequently, as a kid and young adult, he lived lies, and did not know what was real about himself or his world. He had not developed the “mechanisms, the perspective to understand what was meaningful and true.”

Gradually he found his way forward through treatment, supported by poetry, storytelling, and music which became parts of the scaffolding for his recovery and healing. His songs delivered through his crystalline plaintive voice are the products of a life already filled with challenge and incident. Watch his face as he sings, and you’ll see a duality: both deep sadness and profound peace. While interviewing Nick, I recalled D.H. Lawrence’s poem, “Song of a Man Who Has Come Through.” Nick too has run “through the chaos of the world,” and “the rock … split, [and he has] come at the wonder” of that world.

Come through he has. His bio describes his relationship with music as “a fundamental compulsion to express who he is and [through which] he interprets the world” rather than mere songwriting. There are abundant influences on Nick’s songwriting beginning with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, but now principally from Manchester Orchestra, and Phoebe Bridgers.

During the great Covid hiatus, he focused on composing and recording resulting in a soon-to-be-released EP. He now looks forward to its release, performing it, and continuing to build a life. Watch and listen to the video (see link below) of “Salt in My Soul” performed and recorded at Huntington’s The Sound Cellar studio for a taste of the songs on their way.

Nick has also recorded at The Buddy Project Studios in Queens which is helmed by Owner/ Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer Kieran Kelly (see link below). He brings skills honed on gold and platinum recordings, plus additional studio work with the likes of Ari Hest, Sufjan Stevens, and Rhett Miller. Now Nick’s songs and sound are enhanced by The Buddy Project’s team’s expertise.

As D.H. Lawrence also wrote, “Get ready for… a winged gift!”

“Salt in My Soul” at The Sound Cellar in Huntington, LI

The Buddy Project

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