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The Belle Curves: Sweet and Savory

Bandcamp labels The Belle Curves “country Americana” as well as “Americana,” “folk,” “indie-folk-rock,” and “alt-country:” music labelling-mania on full display.

That reminded me of an old TV commercial for Certs breath mints: two voices would duel “It’s a breath mint!” “It’s a candy mint,” and a voice-over would say “No, it’s two mints in one.” Clever, but did it really matter? In the end, a Certs was sweet with a savory mint bite.

In the end, The Belle Curves – country sweet and with a savory bite.

I spoke with Delaney Haefner, the founder, lead singer and songwriter about her and the band’s evolution. She dove into music at 14 with the full support of her parents. Both her parents loved her choice. His love of music and his daughter finds him now delivering the savory electric guitar licks in The Belle Curves. Bill also is their recording engineer and they have cut their albums in his home studio.

Her first band, Pandafan (as in a fan of pandas). Delaney said they were definitely indie folk. When that partnership ended, she found herself just a singer-songwriter; however, she wanted to be identified with a band and not just her own name. So armed with a few leftover songs from Pandafan and new material The Belle Curves emerged and recorded Promising Light their first collection: a bridge between her old and new sound. Since then, they have released Watershed, and their newest album Live at Pete’s Candy Store. Pete’s backroom has the tiniest stage in Williamsburg (maybe Brooklyn) – it really was a neighborhood candy store. Could the space be any sweeter? (Couldn't resist the pun!)

When I asked Delaney about musical influences, she credited her parents for the earliest ones, and casually mentioned Gram Parsons. I stopped our conversation, briefly, in its tracks. “Delaney, your foundation is the founder of ‘country rock.’” Bless her mom and dad’s record collection! Check out “Check Engine Light” from Watershed or the live album, if you doubt me.

If there’s a devil in the rockin’, there are angels in the high harmonies; they are the sweet alongside the savory. Many of The Belle Curves music feature gorgeous two or three part female harmonies. Watch and listen to the YouTube video from The Pine Barrens Jam of Delaney, Sarah, and Anne’s Brandie Carlisle cover, and you’ll hear bell like harmonies that lift the choruses skyward.

Back here on earth, you can also find Delaney on WLIW FM Long Island’s NPR radio station. She double majored in music theory and arts management and has tapped that second major becoming a producer there. Take a listen and look (via Facebook) to the show Studio 51 where local musicians are interviewed and perform.

“Wherever Is Your Heart” Brandie Carlisle cover.

You will also find The Belle Curves on You Tube, Facebook, Spotify, and Bandcamp

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